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Chef Don welcomes you to Epicurean Thyme!

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days 'til the year 3000.

At Epicurean Thyme, I look for recipes that will challenge.
I encourage you to send in your recipes for Posting.
Visitors from all over the world visit Epicurean Thyme and want to share in a recipe exchange.
Either use the form at the bottom of this page or click the mailbox to send Email.

Chef Don's audio welcome

Have you gone out to dinner at just didn't know what wine to order?
Look at this Food/Wine Companion to help you out.
FYI, it is an Excel file.

Food and Wine Companion

Chef Don's Recipe of the Week
Bread Dumplings (Houskove Knedliky, Czechoslovakian recipe

See the American Culinary Federation via YouTube

Epicurean Thyme Quiz
What bitter extract from a southern European plant root is used in Angostura bitters, chocolate, vermouth, candy, ice cream and vanilla flavorings?
Water Chest-nut

If you would like to find out more about today's quiz, try a Google search.



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